Celebrating Success

Achieving Microsoft Office Specialist certification is no easy task. At the very least, it takes desire, discipline, and determination. OIC student Deanna Frasca demonstrated all three of these characteristics in accomplishing her goal of obtaining Microsoft Excel certification.

When she arrived at OIC in October 2010, Deanna shared, with a great deal of energy and passion I might add, her desire to achieve certification. Her energy and desire was truly infectious. She showed discipline by staying late after class to study further, and set time aside at home to practice additional exercises from the training material. She demonstrated amazing determination wrestling with elements of the application that she didn’t quite understand until she was able to figure it out, before moving on. In the end, it all paid off. Her goal has been reached!

Deanna’s success is proof that with the 3D’s of desire, discipline, and determination you can accomplish goals that you set for yourself. We celebrate her accomplishment and we are here to help her move on to what’s next.