The Right Attitude!

It was William James who once said “The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.” This describes Ms. Tamika Nixon.Tamika Nixon Certificates

Tamika arrived at the Greater Paterson OIC with a curiosity about what we had to offer, and bit uncertain about what direction she wanted to take her life in. Once she got clear on the opportunities available for creating positive change in her life she made a quick attitude adjustment.

Tamika became determined to obtain her Microsoft Office Specialist certification and any other certifications she could earn that might open up a wider choice of career options. At that point there was no stopping her. Tamika is living proof that with the right attitude a person can find the strength to accomplish the goals they set for themselves.

With the right attitude and the will to accomplish her goals, Tamika not only earned her Microsoft Office Specialist Certification in Excel, but also earned certification as a Certified Business Professional in Business Communication issued by the International Business Training Association.

Tamika is now working as a Customer Retention Representative with Cablevision, and well on her way to building the life she desires.

We are very proud of her and her accomplishments, and with her attitude, we have no doubts that she will continue to do well.