Microsoft Office

The technology training component of the Greater Paterson OIC exists to provide both the essential business skills, and core technological skills we believe our students will need in order to compete in today’s job market.

Our training focus centers on helping our students develop certifiable proficiency in using the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software applications which includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. Microsoft Office remains the dominant suite of applications utilized in the current business environment; therefore, training in these applications remains relevant.


Business ManagCBPement and Office Administration

The Business Management and Office Administration training and program is geared towards persons interested in pursuing a career in management or improving their management skills. The course provides the essential information and skills required by professionals who have to make decisions that are important to the direction and performance of an organization or business. If a practical approach to managing in any environment is what you need, then this course is for you.

This course is designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage and perform the administrative duties in a small to mid-sized business environment. Students will learn key principles in management, human resources, marketing, business finances and office technology.

Customer Service

The CBP™ Customer Service Certification provides the foundation for quality customer service and focuses on building life-long customer relationships by developing effective customer-care strategies. The CBP™ Customer Service certification module provides guidelines for emerging technologies such as Internet Chat. Additionally, this module uses various hands-on and interactive scenarios to develop the foundation customer care skills needed to provide excellence in service.


Managing Small Business Finances with QuickBooks

This course teaches our students how to maintain the books for a small business and develop a basic understanding of how businesses use financial data to make decisions. Students can also become Certified QuickBooks Users by passing the QuickBooks certification exam.


Strive to Drive Program / License Restoration / Vehicle Maintenance

These three components are innovative program designed to help our TANF customers overcome employment transportation barriers These services have been implemented to assist our customers with obtaining and restoring their driver’s license, as well as to assist with maintenance of the of their automobile.

Course components and class amenities i.e. Strive To Drive & License Restoration include:
• Identifying key terms needed to pass the NJ Driving permit test
• Acquiring study habits that will increase your learning and vocabulary
• Quizzes and tests that will help you pass the NJ Driving permit test
• Set up for driving lessons (six free lessons and road test) through K&M Driving School
• One-time assistance with payment of Municipal Violations/Fines, NJ Motor Vehicles payments with strict restrictions placed on a case by case basis. (License Restoration Program)

These programs are made possible with the funds provided under the auspices of the Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Passaic County Workforce Investment Board, Work First New Jersey Program, under grants from the State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Department of Human Services Division of Family Development.