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Chantel Cuavers

The challenges of single parenthood are well-known and widely documented. The impact of being a single parent effects people differently. For some it’s an excuse for underachieving and accepting a life of mediocracy. For others it can be a motivator to face the challenges and advance towards building the type of life desired. Chantel Cuavers is an example of the latter.


Despite Chantel’s struggles, she remained committed to taking the necessary steps to change her conditions and pursue her goals of creating a better life for herself and her family. One of those goals included earning her Microsoft Office Specialist certification. With her relentless work ethic, she succeeded in not only obtaining her Microsoft Word certification, but also earned Microsoft Access and Customer Service Professional credentials.


Chantel will be moving on soon to begin her studies in criminal justice at Berkeley College. We are confident that Ms. Cuavers will not only change her life for the better, she will make a positive impact on the lives of others as well.

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Jennifer Nunez

Congratulations and best wishes! To one of our GPOIC’s 2019 student, Jennifer Nunez


The great race car driver Mario Andretti is quoted as saying, “Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”This quote sums up Ms. Jennifer Nunez nicely.

From the moment she arrived for classes at the Greater Paterson OIC, we could see evidence of these characteristics. Desire, motivation, determination, commitment, and the unrelenting pursuit of earning her Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification were present from day one. She knew what she wanted to accomplish and was determined to achieve her goal.

We’re extremely proud that not only did she achieve one MOS certification but went further and obtained two more. She accomplished this while overcoming obstacles that would have caused many others to quit, including fighting through injuries that caused severe back pain.

Jennifer’s desire and motivation to achieve excellence will do her well in her next endeavor; She is moving on to her new position as a customer service/office assistant with Liberty Auto Care.  We wish her well and have no doubt that Liberty Auto will be elated they have her on their team, as we were having her in our program.

Valicia Simon

Congratulations & Best Wishes!

GPOIC’s 2018 student achievement award recipient, Valicia Simon, is now gainfully employed and working in the field of finance for Passaic County. While at GPOIC, Ms. Simon became not only a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist and Customer Service Business Professional, she is the first student at GPOIC to achieve a QuickBook certification.

“Attending the Greater Paterson OIC has given me back what I thought was lost. I will be grateful always to OIC for their support and encouragement in helping me to re-discover myself.” – Valicia Simon


OIC Student Success: Ken Weston

One of the things we enjoy most in our work at GPOIC is the opportunity to meet a range of interesting, talented, and motivated people; One such person is Kenneth Weston. Ken is one of the most gifted individuals we’ve had come through our organization. What we appreciate most is his ability to bounce back in the face of personal and professional adversity and rebuild his life. The goals he set for himself when joining our training program were a part of that process.

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