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Cover Letter

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Cover letters are to show in detail what your resume outlines. You should always have an updated cover letter regardless of whether the position you are applying for requires one. Using a template from online can make writing a cover letter easier. You can get more personal by searching up the hiring managers name, try to avoid addressing the letter with “to whom it may concern.” A cover letter should be one page long divided into about three paragraphs. Your first paragraph should include who you are, what position you are applying for and why your interested in that position. Complimenting the company is always a good way to show you know what the job is about and how they benefit others and potentially you. Paragraph two is about pitching your sale on why the company needs you. Describe three traits that the company needs that you have based on your prior work experience and life skills. Try not to restate things that were already said in your resume, but more so, expand on them. Do not cut and paste anything from your resume to your cover letter. Paragraph three is a conclusion. You should thank them for their consideration and reiterate that you are the person for the job. A cover letter is your time to shine.

  Here are a few videos that may expedite the process of making your cover letter.  Good Luck!

5 Things to know when writing your cover letter

How your cover letter should look in 2017

Crafting a cover letter


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