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Why You Should Get Your Drivers License

Article written by Germaine James.

(posted by Hollis Nelson)

The slogan of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) is “Driving Is a Privilege Not a Right.” While that may be true, there are several benefits to the privilege of obtaining your driver’s license that are worth the effort.

First, a New Jersey Driver’s license & Motor Vehicle ID serves as an official document for personal identification. For those who do not have an officially recognized ID documents, this can be helpful. You can get the basic Motor Vehicle Identification independently from the driver’s license. This is especially helpful when traveling.


Photo by: Hosni Talaat

Next, and most obvious, with the New Jersey Driver’s license, you are eligible to operate a registered and insured vehicle on New Jersey roadways and other governing states. Whereas that’s not the case with a basic Motor Vehicle Identification.

Additional benefits include being able to add a Motorcycle License endorsement to the existing driver’s license should you decide to get one. Your license also serves as an acceptable form of ID when entering state or federal facilities.

Not having a license or official motor vehicle ID can also play a role in employment opportunities. Sometimes, even if the job is not for a driving position, potential employers will sometimes ask for a copy of your driver’s license to verify legal citizenship or residency.

Finally, and often overlooked, it’s a “Right of Passages” for many people. There are people that look at this achievement as a “Milestone” in their life. It’s a proud feeling of success and provides a sense of freedom that one can now drive a vehicle to get where they need to go.

If you don’t currently have a driver’s license, we hope these points offer some helpful insights that will inspire you to set and achieve that goal. The Greater Paterson OIC has a Strive to Drive program that can offer some help. To find out more, email your questions to

Until next time, stay well and be safe.


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