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OIC Student Success: Ken Weston

One of the things we enjoy most in our work at GPOIC is the opportunity to meet a range of interesting, talented, and motivated people; One such person is Kenneth Weston. Ken is one of the most gifted individuals we’ve had come through our organization. What we appreciate most is his ability to bounce back in the face of personal and professional adversity and rebuild his life. The goals he set for himself when joining our training program were a part of that process.

One of Ken’s goals in joining our training program was to earn a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification. Earning one of these certifications is a considerable challenge, however, after achieving his first one Ken wasn’t done. He went on to accomplish the rare feat of earning 3 separate MOS certificates: Word, Excel, and Access, earning the admiration and respect of his classmates along the way.

Ken is currently in the planning stages of launching a state of the art Doggy Daycare/Pet Hotel with a fully equipped academy to provide training for pet stylists. He hopes to make a difference by combining his love for animals, passion for business, and a sincere desire to help others pursue their professional ambitions. He has been coined Dr. Dolittle and the Dog Whisperer, but he prefers The Dogfather! The godfather of all dogs!

We have no reason to believe he will not succeed, so get your pets ready for some world class grooming.

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